Can we as GAY PEOPLE finally once and for all TAKE OUR PLACE, as GOD intended? Can we just simply reach out for one another, standing as one? Can we recognize the freedom that is in our grasp by pooling all of our energy? Believe it or not OUR CHILDREN will inherit what we leave, and as it stands today, we leave them very little to stand on. Let us not leave our children abandoned…Let us not abandon ourselves, so when you see each other on the street , let us greet each other , let the world see that we LOVE each other. Let us not harm each other, let us CELEBRATE LIFE and build OUR community. Let us walk down the streets and pick up the souls of lost and the forgotten…OUR world is watching, let them see that we do understand that there is strength in numbers , that we understand how great of a people we are, in spite of ourselves. Let us put our best foot forward, and reach for higher heights, stand up GAY MEN & WOMEN. Let us not be pushed down…Let us use the ignorance of others as OUR stepping stone…Do you know that WE have the MENTAL & EMOTIONAL stamina to simply change our position in this world by standing together…I WANT YOU TO PROMISE ME, STRANGER OR NOT, WE WILL WALK TOGETHER. WALK IN THE LIGHT OF LOVE…REMEMBER OUR WORLD IS WATCHING US SO LET US TAKE OUR PLACE!

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