The equation of life was originally meant to be: One Spirituality + All Races of People = UNITY. But unfortunately, that equation has been null and void leaving us with the following: Black ÷ White ÷ Jewish ÷ Meshiakim ÷ Catholic ÷ Khamitik ÷ Muslim ÷ Buddhism ÷ Hindu ÷ Protestant ÷ Baptist ÷ Pentecostal ÷ Methodist ÷ Anglo-Saxon ÷ Jehovah’s Witness ÷ Israelite ÷ Episcopalian ÷ Yoruba ÷ Islamic ÷ Seventh Day Adventist ÷ Mormons ÷ Santeria ÷ Agnostic ÷ Atheist = SPIRITUAL AND RACIAL SEPARATISM. SPIRITUAL & SEXUAL separatism has plagued the world for many centuries. Spirituality has been the foundation of life from the beginning. Man, however, through manipulation, greed and hatred developed ways to ablate the order set forth by THE CREATOR by instituting religious systems that failed to promote universal harmony. When THE CREATOR allowed man free will he did not intend for him to abuse it to contribute to such degenerate behavior as slavery, genocide, adultery, and destruction of the universal code which guides the spirit, self respect. THE CREATOR desired that all of His/Her children would co-exist in one spirit. THE CREATOR intended people for to live unified as colors of a rainbow none overpowering the other. The deepest purpose, however, has yet to come because the majority of the world nullifies this belief. Unfortunately, although I don’t believe in separatism I don’t believe a complete sense of spiritual and sexual unity will ever be executed because man’s compulsion with power through the subterfuge of hate is growing steadfast. Furthermore, I have come to realize that a prejudice spirit doesn’t dwell in everyone and I certainly don’t judge anyone by their believes, but I also know in my heart of hearts that MY SEXUAL PREFERENCE is still an issue in many venues. Through knowledge, experience and empathy, I have been moved to write this message to inform my people of the present day oppression that continues to perpetuate anguish against HOMOS and LESBIANS through tainted humane deception. I aspire to give birth to spiritual and lineal awareness and convey other significant aspects about everyday life. I don’t promote segregation; instead I reveal the source of its mendacity and retaliate against it. I want us to explore SPIRITUAL AWARENESS, SEXUAL REVOLUTION, LOVE & all issues facing the world. I truly believe that if we all listened to THE CREATOR’S VOICE in our SPIRITS & OPENED our THIRD EYE, we would realize that the DIVINE intention is for people of to respect each other’s CHOICES & LIVE IN FELLOWSHIP ACROSS THE WORLD IN HIS/HER NAME.

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