Ok, here he cums with his 10.5″ D!CK telling me he is horny and how wants to F&CK me so badly…He is pratically begging for my ASS, thinks he as wot it takes to give me a good time. Here he goes again…Come and take a seat on daddy’s big dick and I am sure you’ll want more. He event on to say that, ‘it’s thick and long, hard as stone’ and he is going to take me to heaven…GUESS HE DOESN’T KNOW THAT I KNOW THAT HEAVEN IS OVER-RATED & WOT HE SELLING I AIN’T BUYING…GUESS HE DOESN’T KNOW THAT I HAVE SEEN HIS TIRED OLD ASS AROUND TOWN & I WOULD HAVE TO BE REALLY, REALLY, REALLY DESPARATE TO GET WITH A PIECE OF SH!T LIKE HIM…The nerve of someone like him to think he can get a DIAMOND like me, how can I just give up on life like that? How can he ask that of me? DO U TH!NK HE CAN ¿F&CK ME?
So the other night I met this guy in cyber-space and he went on to tell me how wanted a man’s touch so badly but he isn’t out there @ all, he is DL. So me being the spawn of Satan that I am played up to notion that this man carried in his head. I too told him that I a was DL which of course eased his soul and finally he could get what his ass been aching for. Funny thing to me is that I wondered how many men he told that he is DL? How many times can that line be used before one realizes that if one SISSY knows, it ain’t that long till others find out. How can a man live in such fear of his sexuality that he lies to family who on some level knows but can’t pin-point it. How can he splash up in a woman and know that he isn’t on the up & up…DO U TH!NK HE CAN ¿F&CK ME?


I am all for equality and I praise the difference that make up the rainbow of this world. However I realized that I can’t get with a guy that is a drag queen. Sadly I know that it’s just an impersonation, but the men here take it into their personalities and become Ms. whoever they are portraying @ the time. Can you see me now with my legs up in the air getting busy with a QUEEN just piling D!CK on me, sweating HER ass off with face powder dripping on me? HELLS NO!…DO U TH!NK HE CAN ¿F&CK ME?

THE M&M’s:

Ok now these are the ones that I find interesting, they find some poor girl who wants to believe that the man she is with wants her and her alone. Sadly she is the only woman he wants because he doesn’t want any other…She can’t slip in between his ASS with 10″ D!CK waiting to tap his prostate unless she is using a dildo and most men aren’t that open-minded. So they prowl the ‘DARK FOREST’ in search of prey that will devour them and give the pleasure they know won’t come from a woman. They are all on the internet seek that DL man…that queen that still in so strange way make him feel like he isn’t GAY anymore. So do you think that when this loser rolls my way seeking a piece of the action he will get it? Do you think that he has what it takes to ask me to help him see just how much he hates himself? Do you think he has what it takes to send a vibration my way? So DO U TH!NK HE CAN ¿F&CK ME?


These men are so unbelievable; they hit up on line with their slang and think it’s cool to speak the way do. I certainly don’t speak the Queen’s English, but I myself know that the way they speak shows that are only perpetrating what the world say that they should all about. Funny they would think that are the epitome of MAN all the while being told how to talk, dress, walk, eat, sleep…DAMN EVEN HOW TO F&CK! This men are made by the world and so to you I say… DO U TH!NK HE CAN ¿F&CK ME?


Ok here it comes; you meet him right, he comes all shy and innocent. He is all down for sex but doesn’t know if he wants to go there because he isn’t like that…NOW HERE I AM THINKING WTF? SHOULD I SAY IT? YES I SHOULD IT’S MY BLOG…UMMM SWEETS YOU PRETEND AS IF U DON’T HAVE SEX THAT OFTEN BUT YOUR UNTIGHT ASS BEGS TO DIFFER…I say its so funny to see the games he plays, pretending that my D!CK can’t get in and all the MOANING & GROANING…DAMN I AM GETTING HARD (YEAH RIGHT)…B!TCH PLEASE, you are an easy F&CK from the moment you sent out that S. O. S. for someone to ease the tension in your ass and that landed on my doorstep, u know and I know that you are an easy F&CK….I don’t think that I need ask but just in case… DO U TH!NK HE CAN ¿F&CK ME?


So how many times have you met MR. PROFESSIONAL, MR. BUSINESS MEETING…MR. I ONLY 2 MINS BECAUSE I AM TOO BUSY TO BREATHE? I for one has met one too many of these men and the funny thing is that are in a place where they’ve made it financially. However they’ve lost their humanity and don’t care about those around him that could use some help from time to time. I know it’s their money and shits but haven’t you been taught that money go, money come? These men are caught in their own physiological bullshit that they are transferring their own thoughts and feeling on others that they themselves would do if in that situation…NOW THE INTERESTING FOR ME HERE IS THAT I’VE BEEN F&CK BY THIS KINDA MAN BEFORE…OK A FEW TIMES BUT I CAN NOW SAY… DO U TH!NK HE CAN ¿F&CK ME?


You’ve met him a thousand times before, he fears losing out on LOVE and when it happens he pretends as if it didn’t happen. He tries to hide the pain in his heart but you can see it in his eyes. He is taking a long sleepwalk through life; ignoring the voice in his head that tells him that he is fighting a losing battle…for he can’t be loved if he doesn’t have love for himself…HE CONSTANTLY WAITS FOR SOMEONE TO LOVE HIMEVEN JUST A LITTLE! His lack of confidence makes him a cynic and his human condition prevents him from being truly at ease. His doors to self-love are bared…locked without any keys. His hope and fear are two sides of a coin much like Abel and Cane. Funny how in the end it adds up to the same…SO TO YOU I ASK… DO U TH!NK HE CAN ¿F&CK ME?


Did you see him? No? He is the one that calls me everything in the world that suppose to demean my sexuality…INTERESTING ENOUGH, HE IS ONLY DOING THAT BECAUSE HE WANTS TO F&CK ME! Now I on the other see right his SH!T, he tries his hardest to make me look the thing that the world despise; only it is that despises himself…He is fighting his attraction to my MAN-LY-NESS, he can’t deal with TRUTH that he WANTS me, he CRAVES me…he wants to F&CK me! So he goes home seek me on the internet, hiding behind his computer…talking DIRRRTY to me telling me about how his GIRL don’t satisfy him, how he L-O-N-G-S for my D!CK in his ASS…How he L-O-N-G-S for just one drop of touch to grant his SALVATION…WITH THAT SAID, DO U TH!NK HE CAN ¿F&CK ME?


He is the combination of THE UNCONFIDENT MAN mixed with THE SELF ABSORB MAN that tries to make you AN E ~ Z F&CK. He is worst than the internet whore and pays so much attention to HIMSELF he might as well be a QUEEN…This man lives such a F&CKED UP existence, he is ill-bred, undeveloped…simply an idi-ass BOY of a MAN. But this mother fucker tries to test my MAN-HOOD, trying to step to someone like me…Thinking he on easy street and that he will get his…Better move along with that shit and take that bone to some other dog! He thinks he the man; what a fucking joke! He must really think me mad, how can he expect me to exist? He must think me mad, for how can HE expect me to exist when I must resist? Do you think he knows that the fascists in HIS life would have their way with me if it was in his power? He has a noose for my neck and he is trying to tighten it every hour…Trying to squeeze from me the fire of my illicit desire…NOW PLEASE BE HONEST WITH ME, I WANT THE TRUTH…DO U TH!NK HE CAN ¿F&CK ME?


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