He doesn’t want to look @ me…face his SEXUALITY. He doesn’t know who he is or where he is going…HEAVEN forbids if he became what he sees in me…JUS A SISSY…You call me a BATTY BOY, pretending you are shock that I exist…FUNNY that are eyes lock and I can tell that you want my D!CK N’ ASS. But before you get on that PEDESTAL and send my FUCKING SISSY ASS on the GREEN MILE please consider that I am the wearer of the shoes that you want and I know where it pinches.
Therefore, I advise you to put yourself in my shoes and find out where exactly the shoe pinches. I am a total stranger to you and you have a pretty good idea how you have affected me; I’ve come to realize that you must have been placed in the position you are trying to place me in. funny how we human beings have this ability to mentally put ourselves in the “shoes” of the other person while staying physically in our own shoes. In fact, you did more than just stepping into my shoes; you “get inside the skin” of ME, feeling things through the skin of ME, hearing things from the ears of ME and seeing things from the eyes of that ME…becoming ME!

You are the actor who plays the role of MY character; you are “embodied” into ME. As you become me, you develop insights into the person you are dying to be. I know that I have the ability to excel you to the next level…CARE TO BE CHALLENGE? I am the YING to your YANG. I would love to show you the beauty of man, show you how unkind you are…LIVING YOUR LIFE BLIND! I am so sorry that you are lost and confused. I understand that you act this way because you see the fullness of my heart and it blew your world apart…FUNNY how you knew it from the start, but you tried to cast your woes upon me…YOU WANTED ME TO BE THE THING THAT YOU HATE! I know I am a sight to behold…I am a MAN that has a SOUL full of GRACE…someone YOU should try to be and not just emulate in secret. I AM THE ARTIST IN YOUR LIFE, I CREATE IMAGES & COLORS THAT SHOW THE CONFLICT IN YOUR LIFE, SO THE NEXT TIME YOU SEE ME DON’T FIGHT WHAT YOU FEEL…JUST EMBRACE THAT I SHOW YOU WHAT YOU ARE!

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