What is your definition of a Man? If you ask that question to a group of men you’ll hear many different answers depending upon environment and upbringing. Some may say he is a man when he has reached a certain age, some may say when he has moved out from under mom’s roof and has his own car and apartment, and some believe that making a certain amount of money is attaining manhood. None of these things, however, are characteristics of a man. Manhood is a process, a transition from maleness.

As you can see there are some distinctions between males and men. Being a man is not easy, especially when you understand a man’s roles and responsibilities. I was speaking with a brother one day, and he said to me, “Bro, this being a man thing is hard!” I knew exactly where he was coming from. Walking in manhood can be overwhelming because were going through the process of being reshaped, renewed, restored and completely retrained. Most of us have been operating as males with sprinklings of manhood. For example, some of us may find a good woman, marry her, provide for her financially, sometimes emotionally, and do most things right. After about nine months to a year when she starts “trippin” because we’re hanging out with the fellas, that’s when we meet the other woman and revert to being a male. You see, a man has emotions but is not ruled by them. So when his wife starts “trippin”, he doesn’t allow her actions to dictate his reaction. A man understands that he is held accountable by God for the way he treats his wife regardless of the way she may be treating him.

God created man to have dominion, to be a ruler, and to master his environment He created us in the beginning to be totally dependent on Him, He taught us directly. He instructed us and gave us our assignments. So, the making of a man was founded in and through Him. The only way this transition into manhood can take place is that we go back to Him.


Does not carry a grudge

Looks to better himself

He invests in his success

Gives to his community

Is measured by his character

Is a protector and committed

Word is his bond

A Real man is a leader

Thinks with is big head

Uses his intellect and emotions to make decisions


Looks for ways to get even

Complains that he has to stay where he is

Uses others to get ahead

Takes from his community

Is measured by his sex drive

Views a person as an object of pleasure, and isn’t committed to anything!

Has no word, he will tell you what you want to hear

Is a follower

Thinks with his little head

Makes emotional decisions




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