GAY MEN, IT’S TIME TO GET SERIOUS! No more pathetic excuses about not being ready, or not being able to get along…It’s time for US to embrace the MOVEMENT and get our community to the place it SHOULD be…it COULD be…it WOULD be…IF ONLY WE CAN GET IT TOGETHER AND TAKE A SERIOUS STAND ONCE AND FOR ALL! I am tired of seeing US travail in such sorrow. I am tired of watching US seek LOVE in places that offers nothing. And by now, we are clear: Politicians can’t fix this problem. Preachers can’t fix it. There’s only one real way to ensure that WE have the best chance to succeed in this life. WE must LOVE ourselves! WE must learn to be REAL, HONEST & OPEN. Now so many of US have ignored the signs that do more harm than good. These elements have negative consequences that are now overtaking our communities in the form of LIES, MANIPULATIONS & HATRED. I hope that YOU know that this is not an attack…THIS IS JUST ANOTHER GAY MAN’S PLEA…

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