How much time have you browsed the various sites that are geared towards SGLM and came across profiles that said that the person is…STRAIGHT acting…MASCULINE… looking. Immediately you know that these are code words that reflect how these men want to be perceived. They think that by placing such information out there somehow makes them SUPERIOR and those that are the total opposite they class as INFERIOR. Isn’t it amazing how FEMOPHOBIC gay men are to other gay MEN? Most of the masculine men in are looking for an equal…a buddy, not a male who wants to be a wife and cared for like a woman. I can understand how these men would feel that way because MOST effeminate men show their narrow view when it comes to homosexuality, thus placing them in the same box as the RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS of the world. I acknowledge that FEMOPHOBIC means different things to different people. But for me it means that there are MEN in this community that just expresses themselves differently, these MEN deserve to be treated with RESPECT & ADMIRATION. These men are the bold ones facing the RAW fact about HOMOSEXUALITY, they are what society thinks is the EPTIOME of a HOMOSEXUAL. I understand that FEMOPHOBIC men have a right to not want to subscribe to that way of life and that’s fine, but think of it like this…There are already a limited amount of MEN out there…So consider the fact that YOUR SOUL MATE could be one of those MEN you HATE! WE already have a difficult time trying to navigate through this LIFE, being a GAY MAN in this world is hard enough. We all know how society has this ask don’t tell policy about sex; and in most peoples mind we do not exist! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that we should embrace all the colors that make up OUR rainbow. When we demean each other I say that WE LIVE & ACT as if the FEMININE HOMOSEXUAL is the product of LOVELESS sex, we act as if LOVE abandoned them. This shows that not only society believe that we have a CHARACTER or EMOTIONAL BIRTH DEFECTWhy are we allowing societal pressure to play a role in inhibiting who we are? Why are do we shun another because he is ‘different acting? I will tell you why, because many of us feel less than HUMAN and more than a MAN and many haven’t evolved to the point of knowing who we really are. If the MASCULINE MAN is secure within himself, would find a need to show hatred to a FEMININE MAN? Do you think WE need to focus more on breaking down the myths and stereotypes of ALL MEN in this COMMUNITY? This is the only way for US to start UNITING as one MAN. We all need to remember that no matter where in the world we live, what culture we come from, what beliefs we have, what language we speak, WE ARE ALL ONE IN THE SAME…

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