At night, Jesus and I would have good conversations. Sometimes they were just me talking. Sometimes I visited Jesus in my dreams…The Jesus I talked to and loved wasn’t the on-the-cross Jesus, or the water-to-wine Jesus. The Jesus I loved was a compassionate man, a man with a pure heart. It was clear to me from these regular conversations that Jesus and I understood each other. So I had no problems accepting myself, living with myself…LOVING myself. But sometime in the last 10 years or so, Jesus and I seem to have parted ways. I think it is partly due to the rise in CHRISTIANITY in this country. I don’t know their Jesus. My Jesus, for example, would never have condemned gays and lesbians. HE WOULDN’T WANT TO BURN OUR FLESH FOR ALL ENTERNITY. They try to make us feel as if we’ve failed the Jesus whom loved us so much. The funny thing is that I feel that we should have been burned for not fighting the battle to win respect and equal treatment for ourselves. I think that by leaving, we help them win. We are not equipped to fight this sort of battle, for Jesus only armed us with kindness and compassion. So to them I say, JUDGE NOT Lest Ye Yourself Be Judged. If you are judging, you are not aware of what is REALLY GOING ON with me. If you judge me, how can you understand my point of view or experience? I will release your judgment and cultivate LOVE….Honoring ALL of us. Before you burn our flesh, how about you…WALK A MILE IN our shoes? Take the time to shift perspective around to have empathy and understanding for another person. Often you will find that something NEW will arise, something you missed, something that your eyes didn’t allow your HEART to see. From this new found awareness, new choices, new words and new actions can arise. Thus HEALING can take place. Please know that, WE ALL HAVE THE SAME FEELINGS AND NEEDS. We all have the Same CORE UNIVERSAL NEEDS. . . like food, water, love, respect etc. So why strip us of those needs just because you can’t deal with GOD allowed to happen? I can’t understand why WE are HATED so much, why do wish such a fate on US. We are after all GOD’s CHILDREN we want the same things you want, we want to know that we are living in a world where we leave things that we don’t know anything about alone. WE NEED TO KNOW THAT YOU CAN SHOW US LOVE IN ANOTHER FORM, CAN YOU? WILL YOU? DO YOU KNOW HOW TO?

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