To find peace as a single person is a great challenge by many. Our hegemony suggests that we are nothing and in fact are incomplete if we cannot find and stay in a successful partnered relationship. In this country, we are bound to find that there are literally a handful of beautiful black men who could possibly be PNBs…that’s POTENTIAL NEW BOYFRIENDS. You meet one who presents unlimited potential. He’s beautiful, charming, intelligent, and he has the uncanny ability to keep you smiling. And the sex…IT’S PHENOMENAL! It seems you have found someone with whom you could definitely get serious. BUT THEN REALITY HITS AND THIS IS WHEN THE REAL RELATIONSHIP STARTS… Each of us has traveled different paths/journeys in life to evolve to where we are today. I think that LOVE and COMPANIONSHIP are a big force in lives; it takes us back the life’s basic things. This EMOTION, this DRIVING FORCE has shaped and impacted our lives in so many ways; through LOVE we learn something new everyday. It makes us realize that we are not complete without it. It gives us COURAGE, STRENGTH & A REASON TO GO ON.

Now the sad thing is that most if not all MEN are products of each other; meaning that they are programmed or imitate each other. How many times have u seen or met a MAN that isn’t a carbon-copy of some other man? How many times have you seen or met a MAN that subscribes to the same things that everyone else believes? How many times have you seen or met a MAN that isn’t BALANCED or ALIGNED SPIRITUALLY, EMOTIONALLY & MENTALLY? How many MEN have you come across that isn’t HONEST, REAL or WORTHY? GOD KNOWS THAT I HAVE, HENCE I AM STILL SINGLE. I know what kind of MAN I want, I what kind of LOVE I want…I WANT THAT LOVE MAKING, SOUL SHAKING…HEART BREAKING KINDA LOVE. I WANT A MAN THAT KNOWS HE’S A MAN ACCEPTS ALL THAT COMES WITH THAT. I WANT SOMEONE WHO KNOWS THIS IS MY LIFE AND THIS IS FOR REAL. I AM IN LOVE WITH an HONEST ‘REAL’ man WITH AN OPEN MIND & HEARTI WANT A MAN WHOSE KNOWS THAT FINDING TRUE LOVE ISN’T HARD, IT’S OUR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE AND OUR LACK OF POWER WE PLACE ON COmmittent THAT HURTS OUR RELATIONSHIPS, THUS RENDERING US SINGLE…

I want a man that can actually appreciate my heart, soul & mind. i want him to know that from the moment I was born until my fading light and with the turn of every season, its LOVE that gives me the will to live, that’s the measure of the life I lead…I am here to LOVE. I wouldn’t be single if I found a MAN that knew that I am an emerging, human being. My life is all about living authentically, I want him to see the true and outstanding beauty of my mind, the fullness of my heart and the grace of my soul. I want him to understand that I am in no way about the superficial materialistic things. Do you think he understands What I value the most can’t burn with a match, including the flesh…i am single still because I AM THAT STRONG AND SENSUAL CREATURE WITH A FAST ARRAY OF QUALITIES and i haven’t found a man that EMBRACES THE INNER AND OUTTER BEAUTY OF THE MAN I AM…

Nevertheless i know that i am on this quest to find the man for me! i am sure i’ve mentioned that concious man god hand picked just for me. he takes my breathe away…he is the mate of my soul, the kinda man that goes against all odds being himself and not trying to be someone society wants him to be. My warrior will be strong minded and not intimidated by my outspokenness and can handle it when I let him know he is slipping. He will not question me and accuse me of not being faithful; he will know that he is all the man I need. He will not try to control me…Think of me as being less than him. Could you be the one for me? Could you be my find? The one to help me forget the man that broke my heart and hurt my soul? I know it won’t be an easy and I know that the road is long and rough but I know that as long as I have you I know that WE can make it. Make me believe that my future is no longer as uncertain…as the distant sunrise, yet still it is farther than the set. I want to find a MAN whose presence in life is POWERFUL to deny. I want him to seize my heart, lock my soul and give me all of his LOVE.

Call me crazy but I can see him now, I know he is out there waiting for me. He has eyes that are truly the window to…PERFECTION & FLAWLESSNESS. He makes me want to watch the sun rise in them…leaving a longing impression on my HEART & SOUL. In the chambers of my heart, I behold the extremity of HIS ‘BEAUTY’ and he is protecting the one he so loved… I beheld human love for a second. He touched my heart with tenderness; fill my cup with love…He shares my dreams and you know we are going to reach the stars above. THIS MAN cares without hesitations…THIS MAN remembers without limitations…THIS MAN give without expectations…OH LAWD! THIS MAN LOVES…until HE comes I will be SINGLE…


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