¡I DO!

Getting married is another way of showing how deep u love each other and want to take your relationship to a whole new level. I am a same gender loving man and I strongly AGREE with GAY MARRIAGE. I am aware that there are A LOT of ISSUES in the GAY community that affects us in the way of RELIGION, the DL syndrome, and HIV/AIDS. Yes these elements are factors that goes against MONOGAMY, but there are persons that fighting against all of that and besides these factors affect those that are allowed to take that commitment. As far as religion and bible goes, GOD himself NEVER brought up nor talked about homosexuality. HE only taught love. Ask yourself this, how can GOD damn us or forsaken us when HE created us in his image? Why would GOD give us a choice when there is no choice? I feel that choice for SAME-SEX-COUPLES taking the vow should be up to that COUPLE and not anyone else. The CHURCH, GOVERNMENT NOR SOCIETY should have an input in that situation. This makes HOMOSEXUALS second-class citizens. It denies us all the rights and responsibilities that heterosexual people take for granted. We see on television on many ‘REALITY’ shows i. e. THE BACHELOR, WHO WANTS TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE, FOR LOVE OR MONEY just to name a few. These shows demonstrate how the rest of the world feel about LOVE & MARRIAGE and these shows don’t show any ounce of respect to that institution. The world @ large needs to know that when any group is discriminated against because of any reason it has to do with Civil Rights and anyone should know that WE are GOD’s people and you can’t hold us back…As it stands WE are the minority that are seeking equal rights. If all humans are created equal how is it we have to fight for what is rightfully OURS? Shouldn’t we exercise OUR inalienable rights to pursue happiness? Why should ALL same gender loving people suffer the lack of legal right to mate/partner because of the “issues” of others? Would you want to revoke the right to free speech because of the irresponsible rhetoric of those who say/promote things that seem contrary to public interest? HELLS NO! I said it before and I will say it again, ‘I think being able to married anyone you choose whether gay or straight is a HUMAN RIGHTS issue, it is about equal rights. Gays have a right to pursue happiness, and the rights that come along with marrying whomever they please. No one can tell another person who they can love and can’t love (once they know what love is), whom they can live with and whom they can’t, and whom they can have sex with and whom they can’t. It is about filling a longing and making yourself happy.

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