ONE MAN’S ‘INHERENTLY DANGEROUS’ IS ANOTHER MAN’S HO-HUM ROM IN THE HAY! I think that SAFE SEX IS A WAY OF LIFE and that it’s up to US to see to it that we LIVE to F&CK another day. First, I think that most adults need not justify their sex lives except to those directly involved. I am talking to those of us that F&CK around and play Russian-roulette with their life. I know SEX is exciting and fun, but Why mess up a good thing? Why place yourself in harms way and get a terminal disease? If you know that RAW SEX is treacherous and there is a thrill to being unsafe, why risk the thrill? But all in all I am just curious as to why the non-condom user still justifies not using them. What’s their rational? I really would like to hear how illogical their story is. I know that CONDOMS take away most of the pleasure that CUMS with intercourse isn’t PENETRATION the final act? My opinion is that if you’re having SEX just to have an ORGASM then the point is totally lost. Shouldn’t SEX be about the person you are with? Shouldn’t SEX be about the expression between two persons? Shouldn’t SEX be about taking oneself to another place? I sit and wonder why that is some many of US come in contact with AIDS? We know it’s out there, we know it can happen…YET STILL WE IGNORE IT! I myself don’t like condoms but hey its effective and safe, I know that if I was in a COMMITTED, LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP that I would feel safe and free to express how I feel without one. However in the meantime I know what the harsh realities are and I am not about to ignore them for someone that is just a FOR THE MOMENT person. Can you imagine how silly you feel allowing yourself to go there when afterwards you regret it? Can you imagine having SEX and know this person is giving some disease? I mean most if not all of US don’t even want to kiss the person, so why get up in there without protection? THINK STRANGER = DANGER! Place HEAVY stock in the use of condoms and think of it as your weapon against A. I. D. S. and some other S. T. D.’s or S. T. I.’s. The most important message to get across is personal responsibility. I advocate learning how to protect yourself. How you do that and if you do that is another issue which is a personal one and is best made after receiving quality information and support. People need to be made aware of locations online and/or in their area where they will receive the possibly life-saving information they need. Support groups, testing, and counseling are usually available or easy to find. Armed with information, people can choose what they feel is best for them in terms of taking care of themselves.

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