I stand before YOU, a man fully grown seeking YOU. If any one has been around me for any time they would say that I am wise beyond my years and wonder why I am without YOU. Funny how if they only knew the half, only knew what makes this MAN tick…YOU! IN MY OWN CORNER I hide and wipe the tears from my soul…tears that I thought I shed and gave up long ago. Funny how I am still haunted by the one thing I want, the one thing I need…I try not to remember, I try not to think about it, I try not to live it…But I do! It’s difficult to bear the cross of YOU; this burden placed on me is too heavy and is weighing down my shoulders. I was foolish enough to believe the weight would lessen as I became older…Old enough to forget memories that I thought would become distant living this tale that I call life. I try not to think about the hurt but it is difficult for me to put it out of my mind. Every move I make, every decision I reach seem like they are sealed within that time…That time when I was too young and too weak and too to go against YOU. I trusted YOU then, why would I? YOU told me I could…I never thought that YOU would have turned your back on me. Did I do something, please let me know I am the architect of this house of horrors that YOU built? I want YOU to take the walk on the GREE MILE, just take YOU out and make my life better. No longer will I be your SLAVE and ALONE…I am courageous, free and proud just for a minute, I am strong and I can finally be what I want to be. I can sit upright and speak out loud for once, I have no fear…My thoughts can soar in the wind of my imagination and take me to places far a way where life no longer has any frustrations. I feel no pain the guilt of what YOU did is gone; I am free from the burden of shame. I am a man I can finally be at peace in my own corner. I am free to trust, and hope and to believe and finally give my all with no fear of being deceived…CRAZY how I just deceived myself…I am wise enough to know that I cannot stay in this little corner if I ever expect to grow and I can’t LIVE without YOU… So how do I live again? How do I learn to smile? When even though I am man and I feel like I am a little child. I have learned many lessons and I am ready to live and taste the true freedom of LOVING without any reminders of YOU to hold me back. IN MY CORNER…I’ve learned that I am whole and complete there is nothing that I lack. IN MY CORNER…I’ve learned that I can’t run away and hide from YOU. IN MY CORNER…I’ve learned that true freedom is knowing that I am whole- there is nothing I need to fear. IN MY CORNER…I am determined that I will be a victim to YOU no longer.

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