Men get upset when they can’t get what they want? TALK ABOUT WHEN THE MYTH GOES…Ok there exist this man that wants to F&CK me right (AGAIN) only this time he wants it to be a 3SUM. Now the thing is that I have no problems getting down with him, but I think that he is the type that likes to GET it when HE wants it….Now if anyone knows me, you know that I don’t get down like that; especially since this NIGGAH trying to step to me all wrong…Granted I know he is fed up, but the last time I checked…I DECIDED WHO I WILL F&CK AND WHO WILL F&CK ME! Hence I’ve come to understand that whether this man understands it or not, he has organized himself in this behavioral system because he is knowledge deficient. When I say knowledge deficient, I am looking at his lack of awareness within his very life. He has nothing of substance to hold onto and is seeking some sort of comfort and joy (IF ONLY 4 A FEW MINUTES?) Honestly I hate a needy MAN, I can’t stand a MAN that can’t respect another MAN’s choice. TO BE REALLY HONEST, THE SEX WAS BAD (IS THAT A REFLECTION ON ME?) & THOUGH I THOUGHT OF GIVING IT A SECOND GO I WASN’T 4 IT ANYMORE…So by now he realizes that I don’t ever compromise MY sub-conscious, even if it means risking ridicule and rejection. I am true to myself and I live my own life…NEVER ALLOWING A JOKER SUCH AS HE DECIDING WHAT IS BEST FOR ME. This MAN won’t make me unhappy because I was false to myself. So tell me why? Why you want to see that I am cold as this world? Why did you think I was a sweet BOY? Why didn’t he learn that everything is a lie? Why didn’t he know that I sometimes feel like Pinocchio, just waiting to be real? Why would he want to be a substitute in my life? (DON’T THINK SEX WITH ME WOULD UPLIFT HIM). Why do I feel like SEX with him is like committing SUICIDE? I feel like mother earth crying please with no help in sight…GOD I PRAY YOU WILL SAVE ME…from this dead world I am in, men like him make me feel like being gagged and bound…I know there is a liar in ME for I have opened the F&CK GATES! BUT IF I KNEW ONE TRULY GOOD THING IS THAT I TRULY DON’T WANT YOU TO F&CK ME! can you tell me WHY?

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  1. ®‡ø says:

    Wow! The sex was bad – that bad


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