…Anal sex is probably one of the BIGGEST taboos in the bedroom, which is exactly why it’s TANTALIZING to some and SORDID to others. The anus, which is loaded with nerves, is a pleasure center often ignored by the heterosexual set, usually because there are several misconceptions surrounding the act. But if it’s done gently and safely, anal sex won’t cause bodily harm and can be powerfully arousing. Anal intercourse is very SEXUALLY STIMULATING, it isn’t hard to force an unwanted reaction if the person knows what they’re doing, but that doesn’t mean you enjoyed it. In any sexual relationship you’d need the right partner to experience any real pleasure or enjoyment. I am of the opinion that this activity is not only a physical one. I know this is more of a MENTAL, EMOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL activity. There has to be the right amount of chemistry between partners to achieve the PLEASURABLE PAIN that comes from such an event.

Despite what you may have heard ‑- or experienced, if you’ve ever made a fleeting attempt to try it ‑- anal sex isn’t supposed to hurt. If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong and you need to stop. In addition to a lack of lubrication, the mistake people often make during anal sex is starting with penile penetration. You really have to go slow and warm up to it, in other words, don’t race to the finish line; take your time for a more pleasurable and positive experience. Massage the anus using one or two well-lubricated fingers or a small vibrator. Start by stimulating the anus with your partner’s fingers to increase arousal, which makes you desire it more, which in turn helps relax your muscles. Remember that your body’s natural reaction is to clamp down to prevent penetration, so going slowly gives you enough time for your body to relax and for you to gain some control over those muscles. So the more fingers used builds a positive experience, setting a comfortable pace before full penetration with a penis.

Unlike a vagina, the anus doesn’t have its own natural lubrication so using a long-lasting water-based lubricant is key to making the practice pleasurable. Lubrication is also important because it reduces friction during penetration, which could cause the fragile tissues of the anus to tear, allowing sexually transmitted diseases to enter. Before sex, apply lubricant to the outside of and just inside the anus. You should also lube up the object that will enter you, such as fingers, a sex toy or a penis, to make insertion much more comfortable.

Anal sex is safe, but you have to take certain precautions. If you are not sure about the STD status of your partner (and you should be), USE PROTECTION! A lubricated latex or polyurethane condom ‑- a lubricated latex or polyurethane condom during anal sex. Also, remember to change condoms between rounds…Be conscious of which fingers or apparatus have been placed in the anus, and make sure to keep them clear of the eyes and mouth as well.


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  1. ®‡ø says:

    I like it!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Now, I can finally read your brilliant writing without the eye candy. A good read and informative. Loved it.Can we hope to see a article about douching (do's and dont's)?


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