I possess a ‘FIGHT FOR LOVE ATTITUDE!’ I BELIEVE THAT ALL PROBLEMS CAN BE WORKED OUT BUT BOTH PARTIES HAVE TO BE INVOLVED AND WILLING TO DEAL WITH THE BRUTAL TRUTH OF THE SITUATION. However there are those times when one has to let that person go and LOVE from a distance. It may allow them to learn the LOSS of TRUE LOVE and GROW, while you are then able to give that love to someone who will appreciate it. But I am the type of person that feels that if you BOTH LOVE each other YOU CAN make it work! Regardless of the situation, I believe that LOVE CONQUERS ALL. I know there are persons out there that say that that’s crazy and I’m not living in reality. I always say if you are not serious about your commitments you don’t want me cause once you’re wit me I grab hold tight and let go when the time is right. Relationships take hard work both physical and mental. There are a lot of factors that play a part in making it work. And you can’t have one person doing all the work in the relationship because eventually it’ll crumble. I have been in some crazy relationships in the past and I walked away from the drama and BS because I wanted better for myself. Life is too short and LOVE shouldn’t kill a MAN’S SOUL. I find that too many of us take the first thing presented to us and we don’t see the REPRESENTATIVE before we jump into a relationship. We all had our share of LOVING the wrong person I say when this happens the UNIVERSE is trying to teach something about LIFE. Take the LESSON, be the LESSON and use that LESSON to enrich your SOUL. So when the next one comes around and it will, I say go with your eyes wide open and trust your gut instincts. Thinking with your HEART and D!CK won’t work for you, that makes you desperate for LOVE. At some point of your life you should have you life together as far as LOVE is concerned, even if it’s just SELF-LOVE.

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