for davey

Sufferer for her cause
Sacrificial victim she is…
The difference between her and a madwoman is that she is not mad!
The fields are filled with desires of her voice crying for freedom,
But all in vain they will fade…
She understands that
The way of the world is,
To praise dead saints,
And persecute the living ones.
Her existence is predestined
She was born with a life purpose
It isn’t up to her whether or not she says yes to fulfill it.
Taking responsibility for her destiny,
She bears defeat without losing heart,
Answering the call…
Letting her soul be heard!
Her heart is unconditional!
It doesn’t blow in the wind
Or change with the weather
For she knows that if a flower can go through rain,
Her heart must go through pain.

There are many a tear in her heart that never reaches her eye
For she has her own ‘why’ of life,
She has to bear just about any ‘how.’
Knowing that we all live under the same sky,
But we don’t have the same horizon.

She is the sacrifice
For so that others may live!
She is ‘our’ Joan of Ark,
She is the face behind the mirror!
…the martyr

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