EVERYONE WANTS TO CHANGE THE WAY THE WORLD IS. EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE THE WORLD HAPPY. BUT NO ONE REALISES THAT, TO MAKE THIS WORLD A HAPPY PLACE TO LIVE, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOURSELF…YOUR HEART & NOT THE WORLD…Time has made me realize that the things that I carried with me weren’t the things that will take me to the next level. I had so many things that weighed me down and I didn’t know how to overcome these elements in my life… I WORRY ABOUT MY FAMILY (even though they will never fully accept me). I WORRY ABOUT MONEY OR THE LACK OF IT (even though I know it won’t sustain me). I WORRY ABOUT WORK, ABOUT PROFESSIONAL CAREER (even though that like everything else in my life is out of my hands). I WORRY ABOUT FIND REAL TRUE LOVE (even though I know it’s going to happen, I still worry). The thing is that I realized that I allowed my WORRIES to control my life and I lived in FEAR! So I changed that because I came to understand that the moment I let FEAR take control of me, I became someone that wouldn’t and couldn’t go to the next level. I knew how to make things better for the truth lied within, yet I refused to reveal it. I allowed FEAR to silence me, I knew what to do but didn’t. FEAR made me feel as if I had enough but instead of fighting I felt like giving up. As the time changes I remembered when I changed and I had to pay no attention to the past because it won’t help me find a new beginning. Change has made me realized that I had to get to the other chapter of the book, the other race that LIFE has planned for me. Hence I couldn’t and I wouldn’t give the vanished days a backward look. The future is my time, and time is fleeting so I had to forget the buried woes and dead despairs. For there is brand new trial right at hand, the future is for him who does and dares… Old failures will not halt, old triumphs aid, to-day’s the thing, to-morrow soon will be; I have to get in the fight and face it unafraid! And leave the past to ancient history; what has been has been; yesterday is dead. And by it I am neither blessed nor banned; I’ve taken courage and bravely forge ahead…

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