From the time I can remember I’ve been running into some pretty decent guys (at least what I thought) and we’d begin seeing one another. The thing that gets me is that all of a sudden, it seems to turn to their wanting something else even though I’ve laid it all out what I want and what I am all about when it comes to relationships. I have often thought about what I might be doing wrong, or what I could do to make sure the outlook is more positive, but I’m stumped. I know being single is not so bad, but I just really want to find a good MAN to share a life with. I wonder one time too often if there is A FEW GOOD MAN out there for me and where can I find one? I am a young 28 year old MAN, very compromising person, and tend to get along with just about everyone. I’m spiritual and in tone with myself I know my place on this planet, yet still I can’t seem to get beyond a certain point as far as MEN are concerned. This constantly makes me wonder and ask how did I end up here? Why did I meet this person only to be here again? I think that I set myself up to be misled at times because I try to be a good friend first, then a good boyfriend later. Crazy how that doesn’t work in this community…I compromise, I make sacrifices and yet here I am. I guess my down fall is that I start off being too honest and that’s something that most MEN cannot deal with. I know that I am a rare phenomenon, but what is a MAN to do? I pace myself and measure the actions of the MEN with what my needs are and we have honest discussions about things. We both agree and things seem as if they are on the right track, but oddly enough I know that it isn’t. Nothing like getting a box wrapped in shiny new paper, pretty bows and ribbons…to find that inside the box is empty. I wonder if I shouldn’t waste my time with MEN that are not going to work for me. I think that everyone I meet is for some reason, some real purpose; so how can I turn them away? The problem isn’t the WRONG MAN but the initial meeting we have. I know that the MEN that crossed my path all have something in common that drew them to me. I know that I need to trust my instincts and see what they are really there for. I get why they want what they say they think they want but I know wanting is only have of the battle. There isn’t enough of them to take all of me, don’t get me wrong I don’t think that I am all that but I do know my worth. With that notion how can I blame them for sensing that? How can I blame them for knowing that a MAN like me is what they want, but they are no way ready? Maybe I am the way for them to discover that the MAN they seek actually exist and that HE is within reach, just be ready for HIS arrival. The truth of the matter is that I know that there are many wonderful, beautiful, strong, independent and stable MEN out there who would be more than happy to develop a positive relationship with me. I just have to find them; I have to be able to separate the ones that are for me from the ones that just need me…

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