Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to the place of INNOCENCE? Back to that place before life was experienced? Before we took our first breathe? Before eating the fruit of knowledge? It would be so nice to open up our eyes for the first time and know we are the first born; the SON OF MAN. However as adults we now know what harshness of this world is all about and we know all to well that INNOCENCE DOESN’T EXIST ANYMORE. But oddly enough we seem to have this bizarre notion; we seem to be stuck on this crazy thought like it was some sort of sticky candy cane of bitter, irrefutable truth that it does exist. I can’t say that I blame them for thinking the way they do, but I also know that this same this sincere, fantastical idea is what causes the delusion that exists as far INNOCENCE is concerned. Tell me how it can be we were born pure and simple and clean like cute little puppies and then we somehow quickly become horribly corrupted by the world? How can INNOCENCE still exist when we have to stumble our way through and not get too soiled and damaged and emotionally shredded before finally taking in our last breathe? We all know that there is simply no such thing as an authentic human experience that doesn’t somehow and in some way affect, stain, taint or scar us. Life as hard as it is cannot be avoided; it cannot be shunned or quieted or talked off the ledge. Even in childhood INNOCENCE doesn’t really truly exist. In other words, there is no such thing as a perfectly innocent life, or childhood, or experience, no such thing as strolling through this world wholly sheltered from, say, everyday trauma, shocking imagery, bad sex or inappropriate fondling, and if you insist that there is or that there should be or that this is the way God intended it, it is quite likely you are one violently over sheltered home-schooled virgin. But for your sake I will flip the switch…There is no human child on the face of the earth who has had some sort of ideally perfect, sex-free, trauma-free, drama-less life by which we should measure all our failures and woes. I am very much aware of the fact that there are no standards, no perfect score, no idyllic model to prove what I am saying, but what do you measure your belief in INNOCENCE by? How innocent can the world be if some kids don’t that it isn’t before they get to adulthood? How harsh to realize that we are meant to go through the modern world free of raw flesh and sticky blood and parasites, ever struggling to remain clean and pure. I say INNOCENCE is for the deluded and the notion of INNOCENCE is fueled by the cheerless Christian view which implies that human life is mostly pain and suffering and forbidden, guilt-ridden midnight masturbation and we are here to endure Satan’s nasty trials until armies of angels come and lead us into the giant Blue Light special in the sky. This very same notion makes us believe that drama and trauma is what we are designed for and scarring and discoloration is what we do. Does that make sense to you? I know that we are here after all to experience and taste and immerse in it all. But how can you deny the fact that the world is full things that take away our INNOCENCE? So while you pretend that life didn’t deal you a blow and you look at life with your rose-colored glasses I hope it hurts as you scream as the wounds of life KICK YOUR ASS. I will laugh at how silly you look with your bandage as you heal awkwardly only to do it all over again…Is this not what it’s all about? Stop misleading yourselves, Stop pretending as if INNOCENCE is still alive and well. The lavender-scented air and mess-free INNOCENCE you seek doesn’t exist so please live like it does. MY ADVICE TO YOU IS TO ACCEPT MY TRUTH, HOW CAN I BE WRONG? RESISTANCE IS FUTILE…All you can really do is grit your teeth, take a deep breath, unbutton your pants and smile.


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