I DO BELIEVE THAT TRUE LOVE EXIST, WE JUST HAVE TO LIVE IT! I feel it in me and I know it’s out there somewhere because the energy exists. Like many things on earth there must be a balance; just as the animals marched into the Ark 2 by 2 we shall find the match to complete our pair. Sadly, most aren’t ready for that type of commitment for the flesh is too weak.

Nonetheless, TRUE LOVE goes beyond the emotions we feel for someone, it’s something that comes from your soul and spirit. In order for it to last, it has to be born out two souls who see the worst in each other and still love each other no matter what. TRUE LOVE makes it possible to for two persons to fight in the day and make love by night fall. TRUE LOVE is everlasting love; it over flows your heart and you can’t help but to let it show. It’s stubborn and always shows you the truth; never hiding in a dark place…IT SETS YOU FREE! TRUE LOVE never makes you feel afraid to put your trust in it; it’ll never leave your heart it goes beyond time and space…IT’S BIGGER THAN ALL OF US! No matter how much you fear it, it grows inside you still…FILLING YOUR SOUL WITH THOUGHTS OF LOVE! TRUE LOVE makes you feel grateful that you have it in your life and you will thank GOD for every moment. TRUE LOVE is like a leaf falling through the air. From the time it leaves the branch of the tree to the time it touches the ground it has long touched your soul. TRUE LOVE has its own language, spoken in the syncopation of beating hearts. It is an awakening of the soul and the calming of the spirit. TRUE LOVE soars on the angelic wing of a dove. It’s rests on the rainbow time bridging rivers. I KNOW THAT TRUE LOVE EXIST AND I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL MY TRUE LOVE FINDS ME…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lookin' for love in all the wrong places………here's a tip: STOP LOOKIN'.you said it yourself, “love is within you”. Stop lookin' outward and try exploring inward. Love isn't some winged chubby beast floating around. Love is. Simply.It is sooooo obvious that you haven't been in Love before. I mean the real deal.


  2. D says:

    I find the comment made here so strange how can u stop looking for something that is a part out you that is out there. Thats like asking a parent that has a missing child to give up and stop looking. Granted that comparison may be a bit strong but the essence of it i believe it pellucid. To say stop looking is to say stop doing your part, true love is a uniquely spiritual connection and as u move through life u draw close to it and it draws close to you. So whether we agree with the sentiment or not all of us are in some way searching for true love, some call it ambition, some call is career goals and some call it success but when all of those things are attained you will discover one thing that something is still pulling you a little higher, What is it you may ask, well its simple TRUE LOVE.


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