Have any of you ever wondered about the dynamics of a relationship between a GAY MAN and his STRAIGHT FEMALE friend? If one stops and analyses that relationship; one would find that such a relationship is such a PERFECT model for how people in general should be there for one another. Gay men and straight women go together like salt and pepper, like Will and Grace; like the perfect wine that accompanies the perfect dinner. This relationship lends itself to sharing things on so many levels; bridging the gaps between the sexes. It’s sad to think that this is the only time MEN and WOMEN truly understand each other and do away with the ‘men are from Mars and women are Venus’ concept. Generally in this situation MEN and WOMEN see the TRUE the beauty in one another without it being a SEXUAL THING. Gay men get women; WE understand their needs better than a GIRLFRIEND because there’s no one-upmanship, allowing them to be who they really are. They can have FUN with each other and do EVERYTHING together – shop, dish about MEN, give tips about SEX and most importantly WOMEN can gain insight into the mind of a MAN. A GAY MEN would screen dates — which ones were losers, which ones were keepers. Because of OUR knowledge of the inner workings of the male mind WE can indeed help a woman navigate the minefield of romantic relationships. Being MEN we can advise WOMEN that if you want a man in your life, you have to stop making men so important. Try making yourself more important and you’ll attract a healthier man. Hence we can advise them to stop putting men on pedestals and let men be men. Stop trying to change them. And stop looking for that perfect man; if he exists WE would have him ourselves. WE like WOMEN use OUR very own INTUITION and have the keen insights into this because, while raised as MEN, WE have the added benefit of being more open with their feelings and more communicative because WE are HOMOSEXUALS. WE are OPEN because WE really know WOMEN and it’s more like a trust thing. As GAY MEN we are a very special person in their lives. We find ourselves playing the role of counselor and confidant and I feel that this is possible because of the GAY FACTOR. As a fellow GAY MAN, I know that WOMEN want HONESTY and can appreciate the lack of personal comparisons which she comes along with her GIRLFRIENDS. There is no ‘Is she skinnier than me? Is she prettier than me? Is she smarter than me?’ This creates problems and if you get too many girls together and it turns into one big drama fest. WE tend to focus on the real things that matters. As a rule, WE GAY MEN can get much deeper and are less superficial in this regard. OUR SEXUAL ORIENTATION makes a BIG difference, hence making us a NATURAL fit. WE are neutral and don’t pose a threat, we have the same interests in that we’re both attracted to men and WE are not seen as competition. OUR relationship is appreciated because WE GAY MEN have a sort of HYBRID BRAIN that enables US to become such close confidants to straight women. The COMING-OUT process is such an emotional and psychological wringer that revealing other things about OURSELVES seems like less of a big deal. I FEEL THAT IN THE REAL WORLD THIS KIND OF RELATIONSHIP LENDS ITSELF TO ANOTHER KIND OF SOUL MATE; A SEXLESS SOUL MATE. HERE WE HAVE TWO PERSONS THAT VIEW EACH OTHER AS PEOPLE AND NOT OBJECTS.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love you take on the issue that has long confounded straight men everywhere and baffled old school thought that boys play with boys and girls play with girls. I allows to understand that we are all individuals and true friendship is to be take where u find it. Gender discrimination is a thing of the past say hello to “FAG BANGLES” GET READY


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