Anal sex; an act that’s considered as a ‘CRIME AGAINST NATURE’ that is not accepted by everyone in society. Nonetheless GAY MEN indulge themselves in this very activity as frequently as possible. There is one MAN in particular who does it more often than others (I HAVE NO PROOF OF THIS) but I nonetheless can write as if I do. He is someone I know very well, someone that just can’t seem to make a HEART CONNECTION. He lives as if the only way anyone would pay him any attention to him is to make THE ASS CONNECTION.  He is sad and lonely, never finding the right fit for HIS life and cannot seem to make good of his YEARS on this planet. His choice is a THIN, TALL, BIG DICK THUG who just wants some ASS to fill. The funny thing about this is that he knows that these MEN are not good for him but what else is he to do? No one else is interested and this way he can say he was LOVED for however long HIS ASS IS CONNECTED TO THAT D!CK.  I find it sad that he would associate LOVE with F&CKING, how can he do that to himself? How can one allow this to become his LIFE? Moreover, how can he nothing to change it? Why does he make this his way of life; the central thing to who he is? I know he has a right to F&CK as many MEN as possible but @ what cause?  I say it is because MALE-TO-MALE sex is a stigmatized behavior and the demands he allows SEX to place on him has very little to do with pleasure, and too much to do with blindness where is life is concern. The problem with this GAY MAN is that he thinks his behavior is normal. What happened to the notion that when THE ASS CONNECTION is made, it’s for the JOY and LOVE two MEN have for each other? I feel that he took the ART away from the connection MEN make with each other. He lead this hum drum life, cruising the world for the next D!CK…DO YOU THINK HE KNOWS THAT HE HAS A PROBLEM IF HE HAS THIS OVERWHELMING NEED TO BE LOVED BUT GETS F&CKED BY EVERYTHING THAT MOVES? ONE DAY I HOPE HE KNOWS THAT THIS IS A COMBINATION THAT WILL NEVER WORK…UNTIL SUCH TIME I DIGRESS!


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  1. d says:

    This is a problem with alot of quote un quote gay men that have no embraced their identity. They have purchased their thoughts from societies stock market that seeks to dictate what we are in their eyes and what we can be. The tell us that being gay has nothing to do with love and emtions but that we have nothing to offer one another but sexual depraved pleasure, lol. They fail to realise that we have even more to offer that they when we really embrace our identity. So of us have taken this view on and therefore we seeks as many sexual encounters as possible while viewing true love as a heterosexual disease. When we come into our fullness we understand that passion, true love, committment, dedication to cut things short monogamy are just as much a part of our identity as anyone elses. Without this revelation we look for live in two organs that cannot express them the penis and the anus. These two organs are just like the body of a new car just the extension of the engine. If u want to know a car raise up the hood and get in the engine. If u want to know love forget about you penis and anus for a sec and get into your mind and heart. We can go from man to man so easily because we think thats all there is to this lifestyle, but its not. Love is our right, and I take my right to fall in love with a man and make him my own. So the ASS CONNECTION WITH OUT THE HEART CONNECTION IS MEANINGLESS it does not scratch the surface of who we are as individuals or the love we have to express.


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