Have you ever met or seen a MAN that’s GAY and he is pretending that he isn’t? Have you ever met or seen a MAN that’s GAY and he has some WOMAN draped on his arm like some piece of jewelry? Have you noticed how a WOMAN’S intuition goes out of window as she sits and pretends she doesn’t know or she feels that he has changed his sexuality? I wonder what makes her put on that mask and play her role in this charade? When I thought about scenario, I wanted to go beyond the FAÇADE & BENEATH THE BULLSHIT! My issue here isn’t whether this MAN has F&CKED other MEN, my real issue is can he TRULY have a COMMITTED & MONOGAMOUS relationship? How long before he’s backed into a corner and the ‘HUNGRY WOLF’ of ‘HOMOSEXUALITY’ corners, ready to devour him? How does he deny something so innate within him, something that he was born with? How long before he gets married to this WOMAN and F&CKS some random or not so random MAN? Well this sort of ‘LIFE-STYLE’ these MEN are so dangerously selfish that the MAN they are enjoying ‘ANAL ORGASMS’ with are the ones that stand in the wedding, they are the GOD FATHERS and UNCLE so and so. These MEN have the crazy notion that WOMEN are for RELATIONSHIPS; MEN ARE FOR SEX…But ask him if he is gay or bisexual, and he quickly answers no. For in his F&CKED UP mind ‘GAY MEN DON’T LIKE WOMEN.’ How can a man have sex with other men and call himself straight? Part of this is semantics. Words like ‘GAY & ‘BISEXUAL’ conjure up images of ‘SWISHY MEN’ wearing pink triangles on their chests. What’s more, they feel that such labels rob them of their most valuable attribute, their MASCULINITY! I can’t say that I really blame them, for many if not all of us were brought up to believe sexuality could be defined simply, with gay on one end and straight on the other. But the bottom line is that sexuality is fluid and we can’t simply put people into little cubicles; it doesn’t work that way. So is it any wonder these MEN live the way they do? Find some MAN for a quick F&CK and have the PERFECT WOMAN waiting in the wings; while suppressing their craving for that long-term male emotional and intellectual connection. In a freer world, these MEN might be openly gay; and some might call themselves bisexual. But shame and stigma lead them to carry on elaborate double lives and the next morning their underwear is on the floor, and they just get up and put it back on, as if nothing has happened. TALK ABOUT MIND OVER MANHOOD, how can a MAN be MAN enough to F&CK another and not deal with the real feelings that come with it? So WOMEN I say ‘DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS!’ For this land firmly on your doorstep; you meet a find MAN who LOVES you to DEATH, so he couldn’t be GAY. Please don’t let your denial get in the way of your intuition for in the end you will feel stupid for thinking that you are what he needs to change HIS sexuality. When you see that truck headed towards you and it will, get out of its way. Value yourself, pay attention, especially to your very own intuition. If your spirit leads you to form a question, ask it. Remember these MEN are not EVIL SEXUAL PREDATORS; they’re just mired in STIGMA and DENIAL. And it’s up to ALL of US to make situations better by working to make OUR community and OUR heart open and accepting.


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