I find it uncanny how WE SAME GENDER LOVING PEOPLE have this intuition; this six-sense enables us to clearly identify one of OUR own. The ability or supernatural power possessed by gay men and lesbians to detect gayness in others is highly effective, especially if the object is in the near vicinity. We could be across the room from each other, we could be walking down the street, in an elevator or even in church and our souls would recognize each other. Similar to Spiderman’s Spidey-sense, except where Spiderman’s spidey-sense detects imminent danger; OUR six-sense detects a homosexual nearby, either through hearing the tone of one’s voice or observing the style of their movement, which sets off the realization that this person may prefer members of the same sex. This six-sense isn’t a physical device but rather a small part of the brain used to factor characteristics we as gay people know all TOO well. Now we can pretty tell which ones are OBVIOUSLY gay, this entry is about the ones that we don’t see with the naked eye. These persons give off various signs and signals about their sexuality depending on the environment in which they are in at the time and the crazy thing about society is that we don’t think GAY is or can be macho and it SO can be. There is undoubtedly something about a SAME-SEX-PRONE individual that gives off certain signals, be it a building contractor, construction worker, or a mechanic. This group of men hide so well from the rest of the world, but not from those that know their scent, those that know their hidden language; those that know their deepest desires. WE can sense ALL proving that it truly takes one to know one. Are there professional business men that are very much HOMOSEXUALLY INCLINE? YES! However it  isn’t only the bankers, lawyers or doctors. Homosexuals are in all areas of the globe and we know who they are. You will find gay and lesbians everywhere – on the basketball team, at the mall, in sports bars etc. So please don’t just think that we are just do FASHION or HAIR. Don’t forget to check the ‘IMAGE-CONSCIOUS’ ‘STRAIGHT’ men, They work out at the gym, and check out the ladies that work because it’s expected; but please pay attention to what he says, for he is just talking about the idea of a woman and not the woman herself. SO PLEASE TAKE IT FROM ME, SPIRIT KNOWS SPIRIT & THE SOONER THE WORLD LEARNS AND ACCEPT THAT ALL WILL BE RIGHT AS RAIN. It will serve them right to know that if I or any other HOMOSEXUAL call another out, it isn’t done haphazardly or because we are trying to increase OUR numbers; it’s because we truly know and that’s something WE can’t help even if we tried.

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