A cock can’t curve to lightly dust the “A SPOT.” A man has to be positioned at a certain angle. When I do think of sex, I don’t find myself envisioning a penis. The anticipation of intimacy, for me, relates to everything else that lies outside penetration. Once it’s in, and if it stays in throughout, then time dissolves, and the point of no return is reached within – an average – ten minutes (and that’s being generous) and I think that’s why porn exists. Take upon take of footage is shot in pieces, and added together to culminate into marathon penetration; I’ve been lucky to experience males that can go up to five position changes without needing to ejaculate. And that’s rare. What does a cock do? It has no muscles…a dangling piece of flesh really. Its significance is tied to a range of sexual formats: fertilization, procreation, penetration, domination, defilement, sodomy and the list goes on. It doesn’t move of its own accord, and it can’t change shape. If it did then a guy would be ‘bent out of shape’ and suffering extensive pain. I like it especially when it’s descending (depending on where you want to go) into the dark pit of the unknown. And I love how it’s presented to me and I just drop on my knees and worship it, I love when it’s instantaneously wet, and cum with the ferocity of a Concorde engine the second they slide it in…HMMM… IN AND OUT…FRONT, BACK, ON TOP, FROM BELOW, BEHIND…IN AND OUT!

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