So the truth that I knew in the core of my soul was actualize today; MY PARTY OF CHOICE WON THE GENERAL ELECTIONS, PROVING IT’S ALL ABOUT A MATTER OF TRUST! I am not @ all sorry to see the PLP loose the election because they systematically did this to themselves. They played the race card, trying to divide and all the while they were shooting themselves in the. They tried to hurt US by giving US very little time to get out there and campaign but to no avail we were victorious. They had no REAL plan and displayed that @ every turn and opportunity they got. And no matter how hard MR. CHRISTIE clutched that podium in a cold sweat saying, ‘that evil forces were ready to take over this country,’ proved worthless and ignorant. All he proved is that WE here in the Bahamas are tired of this miserable life; and his weak leadership. He practically gave this victory away due the lack of a proper campaign strategy and he had no vision and no platform. He was a man that didn’t anticipate, he just reacted to what ever the other party was doing or saying; proving to be an embarrassment to this nation. BUT NO MATTER, WE HAVE A GOVERNMENT THAT’S ACCOUNTABLE; WE HAVE A LEADER THAT CAN TAKE THIS COUNTRY TO THE NEXT LEVEL…WE HAVE A MAN AND HIS TIME IS NOW…YET AGAIN! YES BAHAMAS THIS TIME IS OURS, LET’S MAKE THE BEST OF IT…

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