I was ordered by the Universe to feel good about ME all day long because I; on this day is one whole year lovelier. I was born into a vast room, whose walls consist of a thousand doors of possibility. Each door is flung open to the world outside and the room is filled with light and peace. I came to serve you in the manner in which I entered this planet and intend on fulfilling my mandate as ordered by the universe. I love getting a year older, makes me reflect and think about days when I thought and wondered where I would be at this age. Made me wonder what kind of MAN would I be? Made me wonder how did I impact those around me? And how can I continue to do so? This day is the celebration of ME; a celebration of MY enlightenment. My arrival was no accident or haphazard event; I came with knowledge and heart to help mankind. I am a TAURUS hard and strong, my arrival during this time of the year signals a time of special celebration. By celebrating with me on this day, you acknowledge my birth and the spiritual heights I’ve attained in my life thus far. Celebrating my enlightenment gives me a goal to strive toward-the full understanding of my spirit’s purpose in life. Hence I can then pass it on to you; so celebrate my coming, celebrate my reaching another year of spiritual growth and attainment of oneness with the universe. Throughout this land celebrate me beneath the full moon with dancing lights of all colors. Take this opportunity to celebrate the beauty and transience of the human life while also acknowledging the light within you that offers a connection to me, the divine and eternal energy of the universe. Focus on the beauty of both my humanity and spirituality; celebrate the dual nature of my being as I continue to balance them for the highest expression of my existence. Follow the pull of the full moon, connect yourself with nature, and let yourself be in sync with the tides and aligning yourself with the cycles of life-both physical and spiritual. COME AND CELEBRATE ME WITH ME!

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