Do you remember that old expression that goes, “HOLD YOUR HEAD UP, HOLD YOUR HEAD UP, and HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH?” Well this is what I’ve telling myself in order to go on, to do what I do; suppose to do. It’s like I can feel what my ancestors went through back in the day; work hard and master might reward you for it…TALK ABOUT EQUALITY or LACK THERE OF. It seems that when you are 3-5 times better you are compensated less and in this world, the cost of living goes up and things get tougher and tougher. And all I am told by my peers, my managers are things that are mind blowing and it makes feel as if I am crazy or stuck in some weird universe where the joke is on me. How can a company that makes millions of dollars in profit feel justified in paying their staff a 3% raise? How does that make the world spin on its axis? I guess that means you are paid for what is expected of you…Everything seems so convenient and we are fools just perpetrating the system; playing along like silly puppets on strings. How do they have an appraisal system that has a ‘C’ grade as 100% and offer pennies for compensation? But the crazy thing is that I am not upset for what was done to me, I am upset for ALL of us that have to deal with SHIT like this. Shouldn’t I be? They live off the FAT of the LAND and we get the scraps or hope that we get it. I know that in order for me to rise above, I have to create my opportunity. For I know that when I force certain vibrations within the universe the effect is felt; it may not be right there and then, however I do know that it’ll be sooner than THEY think. SO UNTIL THEN I WILL DO MY ‘JOB’ AND GIVE 3% MORE OF MYSELF AND STICK IT OUT UNTIL…

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