SEX-POSITIVE is having a healthy attitude about sex and this attitude embraces the social and spiritual elements of sex; never making a moral distinction between heterosexual or homosexuals. This term is never used by individuals to justify their lifestyles or sexual behaviour. Rather being SEX-POSITIVE shows that WE as a SOCIETY knows that sexuality is fluid and doesn’t think that one gender has the rights to another. This movement is a loosely defined term that applies to a wide variety of elements that comes along with sex and embraces social and philosophical attitudes promoting open sexuality with few limits. Hence I am not promoting SEX with children or elderly persons, I am all for SEX that is used in its proper setting and is fully used to bring pleasure. I am very much aware that INCEST, RAPE & BEASTIALITY exist and are considered by a few to be a form of pleasure and comfort, but how much pleasure does it give if it’s just one-sided? Being SEX-POSITIVE means that there is a respect for each of our unique sexual profiles, hence going to the extremes take things too far. I am very much aware that persons think or believe that SAME-SEX relations are perverted, but how can that be the case if they are both consenting adults and really care about each other? Nontheless, some advocates out there define or see my logic as immoral and perverted, but in contrast to their SEX-NEGATIVE attitude I say they are the reasons why we have the SEXUAL perversions within society. How can they know for a fact that children are being hurt SEXUALLY, how can they know that elderly persons are inflicted with this type of pain and turn a blind eye? But the minute a GAY ship comes to our shores they are down town protesting; why protest US and we are not hurting our society? Why not march for SEXUALLY ABUSED children? Why not take a stand for elderly? This negative dominant view of SEX in this Western culture is clouded by the ‘TRADITIONAL CHRISTIAN’ views of human sexaulaity. Hence in their minds we are seen as the destructive force in the sexual movement and us seeking SEXUAL pleasure is SINFUL and WE are only redeemed by the SAVING GRACE OF PROCREATION! Oddly enough, WE have ways of getting around that sentiment and why only have SEX to create a child anyways? Sex is an activity that GOD has placed here for US to get PHYSICALLY close to another so why put restrictions and limitations on it? Why make it something bad because you can’t or don’t want to share my SEXUALITY? No matter because we are the EMERGING CHORUS OF VOICES that has provided an important contribution to the movement, giving substance to the SEX-POSITIVE movement. This EROTOPHOBIA is crazy and this fear causes more problems and it’s those problems that are not being looked at. This fear for far too long has played a powerful role in SHAPING and INSTITUTIONALIZED SEX-NEGATIVE vision of what it means to be who WE are meant to be. SEXUALITY IS WILD, HOT, SAVAGE, BEASTLIKE, PRIMAL; in short, SEXUALITY is the embodiment of all that the socity sees as evil and doesn’t need to be controlled or eradicated.


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