More than 42-million people worldwide are living with HIV or AIDS. Two-million new cases are reported each year. However, contrary to popular belief, HIV is doesn’t exist in the Bahamas and countless of YOUNG BOYS are becoming infected daily. To understand why this is so, it is first necessary to understand why these BOYS are placed in harms way. We live in the part of the world that can’t and won’t accept the fact that WE are a legitimate group of persons that possess real feelings and we won’t stand for anything less than RESPECT. So can you imagine a young boy growing up with his family and he is totally himself as far displaying what society deems as ‘girlish actions’ and his mother sees this and just thinks its how her son is and he will outgrow it. But much to her dismay he doesn’t and this is the REAL DEAL and he is the THING that society says no MAN should ever be, the THING that is worst than anything that exist on this planet…the THING that shows how much a MOTHER can show how she can’t LOVE her SON. My question is how can’t a mother see how she is throwing away her seed? How can she not see that she is placing her SON is harms way? How can’t she not see that she is just as responsible for her SON getting H. I. V.? I feel she is just as guilty for her SON contracting H. I. V. and forcing him to become some MAN’s prey.

But oddly enough, given all we know about HIV and other STD’s, I can’t believe that in the year 2007 we have persons that are being infected with any sexual transmitted diseases. The thing that gets me most is that a lot of YOUNG MEN are caught up in this whirl-wind and can’t save themselves from themselves. They are seeking LOVE and getting H. I. V. instead by having SEX with MEN whom they are dating or living with and in situations like this LOVE is the only protection they are seeking. They are being deceived but they take that chance anyways because LOVE is LOVE and no matter how it gets to you, the important thing is that it’s being received. But this turns out to be something totally unfair and life threatening because having unprotected sex is such a deadly game. It is the unsafe and irresponsible practices of MEN that prey on innocent BOYS that further the spread of this disease. They know because maybe they were victims of the same game and instead of ending it; they continue with it.

In the Caribbean countries, our plight of H. I. V. and A. I. D. S. cases are down played and not take as serious as it should. We are on the brink of an EPIDEMIC and pretty soon too many of US will come in contact with H. I. V. And I feel that more than half of the world’s population will be in peril. So as long as our YOUNG MEN live as if they are invincible and untouchable, we will have this disease being passed on knowingly or unknowingly without any help or prevention methods in place. Which makes think how can persons not take personal responsibility for their sexual activity? Why does it seem as if wearing a condom is such a task or difficulty? Safe sex begins with the desire to protect YOURSELF — that’s the message that needs to be passed on. Everyone should protect himself/herself. That is true, but herein lies the problem. If an individual is in a COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP, why is there a need for protection? They, in their minds are having the safest sex-monogamy; or so they think. Unbeknownst to him that a deadly virus is being passed on. He is being put at risk by his partner.

The fact that UNPROTECTED sex is the root of the problem leads to all sorts of assumptions. We would think that most OLDER MEN pass on the disease because they lack a heart and don’t give a damn. We would assume that a YOUNG MAN doesn’t care about his LIFE because it’s left in the palm of the hands of someone they trust. However I admit that not all MEN engage in unsafe and irresponsible sex practices. However, what I’m saying is that a YOUNG GAY MAN by the very nature of the relationship trusts his partner. There’s never an expectation that they should use condoms and that is personal and private bedroom activities. It is so ironic that the world believes that HOMOSEXUAL LIFESTYLE lacks honor, integrity and courage and we prove them right by supporting this disease everyday of lives when we engage in UNPROTECTED SEX. This is slowly but surely killing our community and keeping our minds off what is really important. Let figure a way to stop the spread of HIV in our community and individuals who knowingly risk transmitting HIV/AIDS to anyone ought to be charged with attempted homicide, wreck less endangerment or at least aggravated assault and be liable in the criminal court system. But for now we must keep in the back of minds that when dealing with a man sexually, there are certain precautions that need to adhere to. Stop trusting so blindly, if a man is going to tip outside of the relationship, he should be responsible enough to protect his relationship.


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