I GOT THIS EMAIL & WONDERED WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO THIS PERSON: I have this situation that I would like some input on.  There’s this brother I’ve been kicking it wit for the last 2 1/2 years.  To be completely honest our “relationship” started as a sexual thing.  We met online and chatted for many months via the Internet and phone calls.  We had an in person meeting and connected real well. 

He is truly a great guy.  We can talk about anything, we laugh, share our feelings and the sex is amazing.  I never really had any expectations of him as I wasn’t really looking for anything more than a good nut…real talk.  I am always honest with him about the way I feel/felt but kept him at a guarded distance in an effort of self preservation. 
He knows and the past obstacles that I have had with a previous relationship and is really understanding of the fact that I am not necessarily looking for a relationship (but open to the idea with the right person).  On many occasions he has expressed his affections for me.  We always joke about him being my man. 
My issue now is that I think that he could be the right one for me.  There are just some things that are kind of rubbing the wrong way.  (Quick disclaimer…the following items never bothered me previously because I saw him as a real cool fuck buddies).  I really feel like I could see myself with him for the long haul, minus a few things that I’m just not sure how to address.
First, he never calls me from his house…it’s always when he just left home or on his way home.  Another thing is even thought the sex is amazing and intimate, we rarely ever kiss.  I don’t think I’m tripping but at the same time I do.  I am reluctant to question any of this with him directly as I feel it goes against the nature of what we have developed. 
At times I feel like I’m playing with his emotions and vice versa.  The weirdest part of all this is that I, under usual circumstances, would have a better handle of such a situation.  I said all that to say should I let the sleeping dog lie or try to fix something that isn’t broke.  I really regard as a good friend, and don’t want to lose that. 
At this point I’m playing everything to the left…. I am sleeping with a stranger or is he the same and I’m the one changing?  I not a soft hearted person and welcome any and all very direct and blunt comments you can give.

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