Have you ever wondered why so many men are not “looking for anything” and subjugated to being “bored and horny” all hours of the day, lurking around social media corners?  I wonder about that for myself.  Is it because most men are authentically challenged with a hard task between their legs that needs their immediate and undivided attention? In other moments, I wonder why so many are not looking for anything from ourselves but everything from others.
It may be a far stretch to equate what we say we look for online to what we actually look for in life, but is it really?  When you created an online profile, you probably filled in your “About Me” section based on either (1) what came to mind naturally, or (2) in response to a situation that just happened to be top-of-consciousness at the time.  If you’re naturally “not looking for anything” or your ideals of remaining an island untouched by the cares of the world is “top-of-consciousness” for you, perhaps the equation of your profile to your life is much more real for you and I than any of us may be willing to accept.
But if we never look for anything, how do we ever get anything, right? 


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