RuPaulDrag Race star Tyra Sanchez revealed she’s having a baby!

Sanchez, real name James Ross IV, won season 2 of the hit show and announced the good news on Friday (25 August)

She tweeted: ‘Someone’s becoming a father for the second time,’ accompanied by a winky face emoji.

During the show, Sanchez spoke about having her first son when she was just 17 years old and still in high school.


Her son Jeremiah is now 12 years old and both of them were featured in a documentary called Drag Dad.

Sanchez said: ‘My son teaches me emotions.

‘With my family, they didn’t show affection. We didn’t hug and stuff like that and if we did it was an awkward hug.

‘My son taught me how to do it naturally. It should come to you and not be forced and it should be something that you want to do,’ she said.

Tyra Sanchez calls out Twitter user to ‘kill yourself’

In 2015, Sanchez came under fire for telling a Twitter user to kill themselves after they called her annoying.

Her comment sparked outrage by both fans and Drag Race alumni.

Fellow Drag Race star Mimi Imfurst said: ‘Depression is a very scary thing. Suicide is not something you make light of.

‘Grow up,’ she added.

Sanchez refused to apologize.


She then tweeted: ‘I have no sympathy for people that commit suicide. They’re cowards. They give up & give in. Stop tweeting me about it,’ she wrote in a now deleted tweet.

Over 2,000 fans signed a petition to revoke Sanchez of her Drag Race crown.

In response to the drama, RuPaul said: ‘I think that what happened was there is a certain level of reverence and camp in what sometimes is said out loud which is not meant for mixed company.

‘Twitter is not the place for that. People don’t get nuance on Twitter, you can’t do irony on Twitter, people won’t get it,’ she said.



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