RuPaul has finally revealed the queens competing on All Stars 3.

Following three Emmy wins at last year’s awards, the drag queen of all queens announced which 10 contestants would be competing for the crown next year.

But who has what it takes to join the Drag Race Hall of Fame alongside Chad Michaels and Alaska?

‘Millions of fans have their favorite queens that they THINK should be on All Stars 3,’ said RuPaul.

‘But the final decision is mine to make. Prepare to be gagged.’


Speaking in the intro of the show, he said the queens in the cast ‘not only deserve a second chance at the crown but also inspires all of us to never give up their dreams’.

Mama Ru added: ‘Not to mention they’re also some hungry ass bitches!’

So who will be competing? Here’s the cast:

Morgan McMichaels (Season 2), Eighth


Morgan McMichaels is both Chad Michaels’ drag daughter, so she has high pedigree when it comes to a shot at the Hall of Fame.

Aggressive, competitive and playing to win, we wouldn’t be surprised if Morgan goes cut-throat in this season.

Or will she want to do a Tatianna, and work her way back into the audience’s hearts?

Shangela (Season 2 and 3), Last Place and Sixth


Third time’s the charm? Shangela must be hoping that’s the case as she’s back for another go.

Fans loved her competitive spirit in season 3, and she’s got buckets of charm.

But will Shangela have what it takes?

Milk (Season 6), Ninth


One of the hottest queens ever out of drag, Milk is now a fashion icon.

Having appeared in magazines around the world, we’re gagging to see some original and far-fetched looks from this one.

But will she still falter at Snatch Game?

Ben DelaCreme (Season 6), Fifth – Miss Congeniality)


Ben Dela Creme once vowed she would never be back for another season of Drag Race or All Stars.

So what changed? Maybe she wanted to show off her multitude of talents on television once again, and we couldn’t be happier.

But Ben struggled to keep afloat in the race in season 6, and will it happen again?

Kennedy Davenport (Season 7), Fourth


Kennedy Davenport is a phenomenal dancer and is polished and professional. Would you want to go up against Kennedy in a lip sync? We wouldn’t like our chances.

Kennedy could easily get to the top on sheer uniqueness, nerve and talent alone.

But is she missing the charisma?

Trixie Mattell (Season 7), Sixth


Trixie Mattell struggled on Drag Race, and sashayed away twice during season 7.

However, her country music and her comedic chops on UNNhhh have shown she is a formidable talent. If we’re going on fans, Trixie could have this on lock.

But will the other queens want to see her sashay away again?

Chi Chi Devayne (Season 8), Fourth


If you could bottle natural talent, it’d have to be Chi Chi DeVayne.

A self-confessed ‘trash queen’, she added her And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going to the show’s lip sync hall of fame.

But does she have the ruthlessness to make it to the top?

Thorgy Thor (Season 8), Sixth


Bob The Drag Queen had season 8 on lock, and fellow New York queen Thorgy Thor couldn’t quite keep up.

She consistently nailed the performance challenges though, and was a fantastic competitor.

But could she be overshadowed again?

Aja (Season 9), Ninth


With Aja’s Linda Evangelista rant about Valentina, she reached meme status. And that can be very profitable for a queen.

Fresh off season 9, Aja is the one that could settle back into the race faster than anyone else.

But has she had the time to grow outside the competition?

What do you think of the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3? Who do you think is the mysterious 10th queen?

The season will be coming this winter to VH1.




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  1. I am so excited for all stars 3! I so hope trixie wins!


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