Actor Keiynan Lonsdale has spoken about his experience since coming out.

The 25-year-old Australian actor stars in CW show The Flash.

He came out as bisexual with an Instagram post in May.

Originally, he had not planned to come out.

Lonsdale said: ‘I never had any plans to come out until I was like in my 80s. Until then I’d just live a nice sad life.’

He attended his first LGBTI event since coming out, GLSEN’s Respect Awards, last Friday (20 October).

The Hollywood Reporter asked him about life post coming out.

Lonsdale explained: ‘It’s been a wonderful experience, a very welcoming experience.’

He had previously believed that coming out ‘could be a career-ender for actors.’

Now they can see someone on TV…’

Now, he says: ‘We have the power to change that outcome ourselves and if you come out and you’re proud of it and you’re proud of yourself then people are proud for you. It’s infectious.’

Keiynan Lonsdale is ‘part Nigerian.’

Since coming out he has young LGBTI in Nigeria contact him.

He explained: ‘I have kids contact me from Nigeria.

‘I’m part Nigerian and now they can see someone on TV and reach out to me on social media from the other side of the world. It’s amazing.

‘To hear them say they feel better about themselves, it means the world to me.’



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