Spell_Block_TangoHalloween is just around the corner. So of course Todrick Hall, with the help of Adam Lambert and other creatives, re-released their spooky video featuring the Disney Villains as the female criminals from Chicago.

Watch as Adam Lambert plays Captain Hook, introducing the six murderesses of Hook County Jail. Singing the Spell Block Tango, we see how Cruella D’Ville, Ursula The Sea Witch, Maleficent, the Queen of Hearts, Snow White’s Evil Queen, and the Lion King’s Scar ended up in prison.


‘You know how people have these little habits that get you down?’ Cruella pontificates. ‘Like Jasper and Horace, they didn’t know their fabrics. I asked for spots. No, not stripes, not dots.’

Cruella warned Jasper and Horace to never buy her dotted fabric again. Alas, they did. ‘So I took the shotgun off the wall and I fired two warning shots… into their heads.’


The Evil Queen met the dwarf Doc two years ago, he told her he was single, and they hit it off. They started living together.

‘He’d go to work at the old jewel mines and come home singing Hi-Ho. I’d fix him a drink, we’d have dinner. And then I found out… single he told me? Single my glass! Not only was he married, but he had six men. One of those dwarfs, you know.’

Then one night when Doc arrived home, the Queen fixed him a drink as per usual. And then, she killed him.

‘Some guys just can’t hold their apple juice.’


‘I’m standing over the cauldron, making some catfish for dinner, minding my own business,’ Ursula explains. ‘In storms Prince Eric on a jealous rage.’

Eric accused Ursula of sleeping with King Triton, before running into her tentacles eight times.


The Queen of Hearts goes through the names of her beheading victims. Speaking in French, the Queen declares herself not guilty as the white rose she’s holding starts to drip red (Blood? Paint? Who knows).


‘My brother Mufasa and I have a circus act. And my lady Sarabi used to tag along with us,’ Scar recalls.

‘Now, for the last number in our act we did this 20 acrobatic tricks in a row: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, splits, spread eagles, back flips, flips-flops, one right after the other. So this one night before the show, I go down to the hotel Figaro, playing with the hyenas, having a few laughs.’

It was then that Scar noticed they ran out of zebras for their act, so he went out to get some.

‘I come back into the den and there’s Sarabi and Mufasa doing number 17 – the spread eagle.’
‘Well I was in such a state of shock, I completely blacked out. I don’t remember a thing! It wasn’t until later when I was washing the blood off my paws that I even knew they were dead.’


‘I loved King Stephen more than you could possibly say. He was an artistic guy, sensitive and full of wishes,’ Maleficent says.

‘But he was always trying to find himself. He’d go out every night looking for himself, and on the way, he found Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.’

‘I guess you could say we broke up because of artistic differences. He was himself as alive, and I saw him as dead!’

Sounds like they had it coming! Watch the full video below.



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