Men think about their manhood at least five times a day, a recent study revealed. Yet, we’re sure most guys aren’t aware that their penis has some unexpected powers.

The average todger is 5.2 inches in length and 4.6 inches in circumference, the average man lasts 5.4 minutes in the sack and the average couple has sex twice a week.

But you’ve probably heard that all before. What you probably haven’t heard is that your penis grins during the act. 

Here we reveal four bizarre things you probably never knew about your little (or big) guy:

1. It smiles while you’re having sex

Okay, so it doesn’t spring to life and start grinning like a Cheshire cat, but it does form a smile-shaped curve during intercourse.

A French study discovered that the shape of your manhood changes when you’re having sex in the Missionary position, which has just been voted the UK’s favourite sex move.

The penis – including the part of the shaft that’s in your body – basically transforms into a smile-shaped curve while it’s excited  It seems he really is happy to see you.

2. It can think for you

So we’ve known for decades that men sometimes think with their penises, but your member could actually reveal a lot about your brain power.

Research from the journal Human Reproduction found that men whose non-erect penis hangs to the left are likely to be left-brain dominant.

The left brain plays an important role in speaking, logic, and numbers. So if your manhood is a lefty you’re more likely to be good at maths.

3. It can ejaculate while it’s floppy

That’s right, you can finish before you’ve even started. A study from California’s Oakland Medical Centre proved that men don’t have to have an erection to ejaculate.

Ejaculation happens when the pelvic muscles contract – but those are muscles which just aren’t associated with the mechanism that makes a penis erect.

It’s rare, but some men can ejaculate without getting hard first.

4. It can eject semen up to 8ft

Ejaculation occurs when semen is released from the penis, usually during orgasm. Most guys only shoot there load a few inches, but some can eject up to 8ft, according to a a study at the University of Indiana.

Another study from Weill Cornell Medical College found that the force of a man’s ejaculation depends on the strength of his orgasm.



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