gmfa_undetectable_youtubeUK-based gay men’s health charity GMFA raises awareness around the health issues affecting gay men.

Its latest campaign video highlights a fact that many in both the gay and straight world remain unaware: if you’re HIV positive and undetectable, you can’t pass on the virus.

Undetectable means that someone with the virus is on effective treatment and has an undetectable viral load. This is the amount of HIV virus circulating in their body.

Studies involving tens of thousands of condomless sexual encounters between HIV positive individuals with an undetectable viral load and their negative partners found not one example of the virus being passed on.

Respected health organizations, including the Center for Disease Control in the US and Terrence Higgins Trust in the UK, are now endorsing the Undetectable = Untransmissablemessage.

That message is the focus of the latest campaign video from GMFA. Twelve HIV positive guys explain what it means to be undetectable.

‘2017 has been the year that many organizations across the world finally started to confirm that U=U (Undetectable equals Untransmittable),’ said GMFA’s CEO Ian Howley in a statement.

‘We’ve seen major campaigns talking about how people living with HIV and on effective treatment cannot pass on the virus. And this has been wonderful. But many gay and bisexual men are not hearing this message, and if they are, it’s not sticking.

‘We are also seeing many gay and bisexual men who still don’t quite believe the science behind U=U. And this for us is an issue.

‘This is why we created the video. We wanted to use real people, who are living with HIV and are undetectable, to break down step-by-step what exactly being HIV-undetectable is in today’s world.’

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  1. renudepride says:

    Good news. Thank you for posting this. Naked hugs!

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