…It hurts to get F#@KED?


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  1. renudepride says:

    No way! Without a little bit of discomfort, where’s the pleasure? Naked hugs!


  2. PDQ says:

    It’d damn well better hurt at some point or I’m going to tell you to bring a well endowed friend along!

    For me the moan/sigh/whimper/grunt is a combo of the pleasure and the pain. He’s gotta stretch me and challenge me to bring him to climax. I don’t fake my fucking moan/sigh/whimper/grunt! If I’m quiet, you’re not bringing it…..either that or I passed out when I was deep throating you. But that only happened once!

    Do tops even like a bottom that’s quiet and still? Don’t y’all like watching us struggle as you fuck us stoopid and put us through our paces?? Hell, getting really worked over by a top is what brings me back begging for him to fuck me again.


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