Religious leaders are speaking out about the high profile United States Supreme Court case Masterpiece Cake-shop — and warning of the dangers if the Justices find for baker Jack Phillips.

Last week, the Supreme Court heard the first oral arguments in the case. The decision, which will come down in the spring, likely hinges on Justice Anthony Kennedy’s vote. Early analysis revealed a conservative leaning.

The case revolves around the question of whether or not Phillips can deny services to people based on his right to religious freedom.

However, a new video from GLAAD, reveals not every religious leader is in favor of a ruling for Phillips.

‘If religious freedom means I get to say no to you as a customer, you as a client, because of what I believe, that’s not free,’ says Reverend Jacqueline Lewis of Middle Collegiate Church. ‘That actually costs something. The sum of that cost is bigotry.’

‘Religious freedom is not the right to discriminate’

The crux of these leaders’ belief is that religious freedom is good and open, not a means to shut people out.

As Hadi Khatib of the Muslim Public Affairs Council succinctly states: ‘Religious freedom is the right to practice your own religion free from fear of discrimination or physical attack. It is not the right to discriminate against others or take away their rights.’

He further concludes that if the Supreme Court finds for Phillips, it will give others leave to discriminate against others of protected classes. Such as people of faith.

When people abuse this freedom, Reverend John Flack of Our Saviour’s Atonement Lutheran Church says it makes him ‘extremely upset’.

‘I feel they’re using something that should be good, valid, and life-opening, and using it to close avenues of life and love for other people.’

Watch Voice of Faith Speak Out:



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  1. renudepride says:

    It’s good to see that the true meaning of justice and equality is finally being defended by the faith community. Thanks for sharing this, my blogging buddy! Naked hugs!


    1. I am not a religious person so I thought this was an interesting article to share

      Liked by 1 person

      1. renudepride says:

        Neither am I but I was impressed to see some who really “practice what they preach!”


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