thunder.pngWe were delighted when it was announced we’d be getting a black lesbian superhero.

Now the actress who plays her has spoken some more about the character.

Nafessa Williams plays Anissa Pierce.

The show premiered 16 January.

By the end of the first episode, the viewer finds out Anissa is a lesbian.

Williams explained in an interview: ‘Anissa owns who she is.

‘She has no apologies for who she is. She owns it. She’s not hiding in the closet, she’s come out when she’s a teenager, they’ve accepted it, and we’ve been living boldly in that.’

The actress was talking to TV Guide on the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

She continued: ‘I think it’s so important for brown, lesbian girls to see themselves because we’re not seeing that on TV. I think it’s also amazing for families.

‘As teenagers coming out to their parents? My parents were really supportive of that, and I think it’s really important for parents to see that and to just love your child and support them regardless of what their sexual preference is.’

Chantal Thuy will play the character of Grace Choi.

Grace is Anissa’s love interest in the comics Black Lightning is based on.

Williams revealed in an interview with ‘What I will say is that with Grace, Anissa finds some commonality, and they understand each other.

‘I can’t give away too much because you guys only have seen the first two episodes. So, I’ll say that Grace and Anissa have a connection that she’s never had with anyone else before.’



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