I have a weird issue. So, I’m really handsome, like, objectively, classically handsome. This isn’t me bragging, it’s just the facts. Everybody has been telling me this forever, and I believe them. And that means I meet a lot of men who are interested in me. But I can’t seem to hold onto any of them. My relationships don’t work. And I’m wondering if my looks are at fault somehow, like, if the men I date are intimidated by my good looks, or something. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s the only reason I can think of. Am I too good-looking? Is it possible to be too good looking?

Have you ever had to deal with this? 

What are your thoughts on a situation like this?


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  1. PDQ says:

    Are you only seeking out men who are good looking to date, or are you seeking out good people to date regardless of how they look?

    Are you looking for someone who can be your best friend in the long run (which is what a true partner/husband needs to be) or are you just looking for someone to play house with, split the bills and fuck?

    Who is doing the breaking up? You or him? Why does it fall apart? Is there a pattern? If so, learn from it and don’t repeat it. If you’re truly curious, call some of your ex’s back and ask them what went wrong with your relationship in their view.

    I’m not bashing you, but I suspect this has little to do with your good looks. Hell, if you’re that good looking AND an incredible guy I would think most people would put you on a pedestal and brag about you/show you off – not dump you.


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